Connecting the NEXT, the NEW, and the NOW generations of leaders to secure the future of America.

NEXT GEN leaders are young adults who are eager to begin their leadership journey. They are

  • Aspirational,
  • Enthusiastic,
  • Idealistic,
  • Undaunted.

NEW GEN leaders recently embarked on their leadership journey. They are

  • Learning from their experience—their hits and misses, their triumphs and frustrations.
  • Eager to give it another go. They have endured beyond novice status to be able to share what worked and what didn’t.
  • A tremendous source of encouragement and practical knowledge.

NOW GEN leaders are veteran advocates and change makers who

  • Started with the same idealism and exuberance as today’s NEXT GEN aspirants.
  • Have been in the trenches, campaigned for their ideas and ideals, fought the inertia of apathy, and stood solid in the face-to-face resistance of adversaries.
  • Have been there, done that, and they are willing to share every scrap of insight and wisdom they have received.

Together, their creative energy promises infinite possibilities. They know why leaders lead.