Course Videos

Creating an INPowering Workplace

CINWP 01:  Welcome to Creating an INPowering Workplace.
CINWP 02: The INPowered
CINWP 03: Building your relationship with your supervisor
CINWP 04: Thinking style assessment instructions
CINWP 05: How we protect our comfort world
CINWP 06: The Law of clarity
CINWP 07: The dynamics of value
CINWP 08: Strategies for changing behavior
CINWP 09: How bad do you want it? Activity instructions
CINWP 10: Root causes of performance issues
CINWP 11: Getting to the heart of communicating
CINWP 12: Giving and receiving feedback
CINWP 13: The Mentoring Mindset
CINWP 14: Coaching through crisis
CINWP 15: How stress shows up in behavior