A better way to live & lead

ProgressiCon.US is an INPowering and unifying approach to creating change so that our creative energy can be unleashed across the spectrum of ideas to work its magic.

ProgressiCon.US is a way of thinking about ourselves as we engage our world. ProgressiCon is neither a political party nor a point on the political spectrum.

ProgressiCon is an attitude and an approach—a method. One can be a ProgressiCon and a member of any political party, they are not mutually exclusive.

Just as white light breaks into a spectrum of wavelengths, each of us is a spectrum of ideas and values—a blend of progressive and conservative. Both perspectives are positive and beneficial to our comfort, happiness, pride, and success.

Progressive means making things better using enlightening ideas and new or experimental approaches to solution finding/problem solving and challenges.

Conservative means to preserve traditions and institutions and maintain a status quo by limiting or slowing change.

I explain ProgressiCon.US in more detail on this video.

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