095: Do Something for Sustainability Today—Corey Williams

by | Mar 9, 2023

We can keep score on how we are doing to create more sustainable workplaces and homes. Corey Williams, executive director of the Sustainability Alliance has been working on, and improving, efforts to do so for twenty-plus years. 

On this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast, Corey talks about her journey since the days when former U.S. Vice-president Al Gore first brought up An Inconvenient Truth about the worsening condition of the global climate and the contributing factors that we can do something about. Corey decided to do something and encourages all who will listen to, “do something, ” with her.

The Scor3card evolved out of that zeal, plus a little serendipity. Now, the Scor3card can document millions of dollars in energy savings for businesses and individuals while helping to lessen the impact of energy demand on the planet.

Our appreciation to the Ross Group for hosting this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast in their downtown Tulsa location.