088: Matt Hangen–FIRE and Water4

by | Jan 26, 2022

Matt Hangen believes in the power of locally owned businesses to help people solve some of their own community problems. To prove it, he is trying to put the charity he runs out of business. Water4 is a testimony to how private enterprise can drive community development in places where some charities have failed to sustain their efforts.

In this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast, Matt tells his personal story of how he came to be the CEO of the international effort to develop sustainable locally run water distribution systems in sub-Sahara Africa. Water4 was founded by Dick and Terry Greenly, Oklahoma entrepreneurs who operate a successful pump manufacturing business, and has flourished under Matt’s leadership.


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The Water4 team


Matt visits with Akua Annoh as she prepares potato mash for her customers. She operates a successful restaurant, and she is one of the local water system’s biggest customers.

Matt celebrates the opening of a new water distribution system with the staff in Ghana.

Water4 co-founder Dick Greenly with local entrepreneur Nestor Togolese.

Matt competes in Tulsa Ironman