072: Tulsa Changemakers expands—Jake Lerner & Andrew Spector

by | Jul 25, 2020

Andrew Spector and Jake Lerner arrived in Tulsa for the 2015 school year as part of the Teach for America program. They saw in their students a wealth of untapped and unchallenged leadership potential. They presented a workshop on their idea in May 2016, then presented a pilot after school program with 20 students in the spring of 2017. In the 20-21 school year, they will have over 300 students participating from more than two dozen schools being led by twenty teachers serving as changemaker guides.

Changemakers is about building civic capacity through the contributions of young changemakers improving the quality of experience in their local school communities. In this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast, Andrew and Jake bring us up to date on the success of the program and the impact it is having on the schools, the teachers, the administrators, and the lives of the students themselves.

Both Jake and Andrew are now full time with Tulsa Changemakers, and Leadership Tulsa provides the organizational framework for Tulsa Changemakers. Jake and Andrew are also providing teacher in-service programs on how to implement the Changemaker curriculum and tailor it for the individual school in which it is delivered.

Listen to my first Spirit of Leading podcast with Andrew and Jake back in 2017.