069: Sara Jane Rose and Sally’s List—preparing progressive champions

by | Apr 26, 2020

Women are getting more involved in politics as candidates across the United States. In Oklahoma, Sara Janes Rose has been front and center looking for women to run for office in Oklahoma to champion progressive issues, many of which are women’s rights issues. Sally’s List is non-partisan and has helped prepare women of both Democrat and Republican parties, who support a progressive agenda, to run. Sally’s list does not manage individual campaigns.

Rose started Sally’s List in 2010 in honor of her late friend, Sally Mock, who was an advocate for progressive women’s issues and a mentor to Rose.

In this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast, I talk to both Sara Jane and Alyssa Fisher, the program manager for Sally’s List about how Sally’s List encourages progressive women to seek office.


Sara Jane Rose

Sally’s Listy founder & executive director

Alyssa Fisher

Sally’s List program manager

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