061: Emeka Nnaka—control the controllables

by | Dec 26, 2019

Emeka Nnaka loved playing football and having fun with his friends. At 6’5″ tall, his friends called him the Enforcer, and he relished being able to take care of them. Then, a spine crushing football injury changed all that in the blink of an eye. In this episode of The Spirit of Leading, I talk to Emeka about how he got through those years of recovery and reinventing his life.

Now Emeka is building a career as a motivational speaker, and he is growing his stature as a mentor and coach and is learning new ways to take care of his friends and have fun.


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Emeka speaks at a United Way Campaign kickoff luncheon

Emeka speaks to a high school audience

Emeka with Able Athletes team

A Tulsa Street School class enjoys a session with Emeka

Emeka takes his motivational message to students in Bixby

Emeka took up painting as part of his therapy. Turns out that he has a talent for it.

Thanks to Magic City Books for providing the Algonquin Room where we recorded this episode.