046: The Tulsa Great Raft Race Revived—Seth Erkenbeck

by | Mar 6, 2018

For 19 years colorful home-made rafts dotted the Arkansas River between Sand Springs and downtown Tulsa on Labor Day. Then, they were gone. But now, after a 23 year absence, they are back.

Seth Erkenbeck and members of the Tulsa Young Professionals (TYPROS) business development crew decided it was time to revive the race to draw attention to the business development opportunities along the river front. In this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast, Seth explains how it all came about and what both river rats and landlubbers can expect in the fourth year of one of Oklahoma’s premiere Labor Day weekend events.


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Seth Erkenbeck Executive Director Great Raft Race President TYPROS Foundation

(L to R) Mary Fencl, Ryan Howell, Andy Cagle, Ali Broyles, Chase Beasley, Lacey Taylor, Nick Pollock, Ryan Lynch, Seth Erkenbeck, Daniel Regan, Jessica Wiist, Gabe Hayes, Andrew Witter, Lisa Ruffin.

(L to R) Rachel Romeo, Sarabeth Blaho, Lacey Taylor, Tanner Sturm, Andrea Nieves, Kenton Grant, Andy Cagle, Dillon Waters, Andrea Gentis, Mary Fencl