029: Robin Smith—you don’t have to be an expert to lead

by | Jul 5, 2016

Robin Smith, CEO of WeGoLook.com chanced upon an idea that she is using to tap into the “gig econonomy” and build an international business.

On this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast  she explains how it all came about and how and why she believes you don’t have to be an expert at something to be an expert at using it to beome an industry pacesetter.

WeGoLook.com operates out of Oklahoma City and employes about 100 full time stff and over 26,000 part time “lookers.”  WeGoLook.com finds, trains, and deploys individuals to go look at items her customers want to investigate before taking further action on them.

Robin explains how her personal story helped her find the resolve to do wht it takes to make WeGoLook.com an impressive success.


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