025: Mike Knopp—Leading a transformational idea

by | May 1, 2016

Mike Knopp knew an opportunity when he saw it the day the OKC MAPs project dedicated the new lower water dam on the North Canadian River that bisected Oklahoma City east to west. His story that unfolded exemplified how nothing breeds success like success. And that string of successes can have a positive impact on the psyche of an organization, or a community, or a state.

That’s part of the impact that Mike’s crazy idea of making a dry river bed into a successful rowing venue. In this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast Mike tells his story of the origin of his idea and what he experienced bringing it to life.

Mike talks about the value of persistence, the time and patience it takes for an idea to take root and grow, and the importance of telling the vision story so others can see themselves as part of it.

Mike started out on a law career. His passion for rowing resulted in him and his wife volunteering in rowing programs on Lake Overholser in Bethany, OK. Mike is now the executive director of the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation on what is now known as the Oklahoma River.