023: Will Richey—Finding your voice at the DaVerse Lounge

by | Mar 30, 2016

Will Richey says, “the power of your stories leave a great impact on one another.” I agree. His storytelling takes the form of poetry through which his spirit of leading shows.

On this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast Will talks with me about his work helping us find voice in our creative expression. His life’s work is manifest throught the DaVerse Lounge, a project that provides a forum for young voices to express original narratives through the spoken word.

The road to Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX inolves Will’s quest to connect with the heart and soul of his mother’s Puerto Rican heritage. He wanted to hear her voice in a different way—through his own experiences. As he learn how to find that voice, and his own, through spoken word performances, he learned how to help others do the same.

Will shares credit with his partners, whose collaboration and support make his work possible. The DaVerse Lounge is housed within the Life in Deep Ellum Cultural Center, and his educational efforts are supported by Big Thought, an organization that brings creativity programs to youth populations  often left out.

In this episode of the Spirit of Leading podcast Will share some of his lessons of leadership he learned while putting together a team of other artists who share the DaVerse Lounge stage with him. Combine his sense of INPowerment and his spirit of leading, and you can undertand why his work is having a profound impact.


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