005: The power of A-ha

by | May 1, 2015

You can improve your influence and trustworthiness by helping others think for themselves. Creating “A-Ha” moments for others and INLightening their minds should be a routine part of what we do as an INPowering leader.

In this episode of The Spirit of Leading, I discuss why there is power in A-Ha and why we must help others recognize when they are being influenced by propaganda. I present seven ideas for helping make A-Ha moments possible for yourself and for others

1. Be more aware of your own preferences and biases.

2. Create a safe zone for explore, and take the fear out of being different.

3. Give yourself and others room to explore without the pressure of having to be right.

4. Promote pretend and what-if thinking.

5. Learn something you have never tried before.

6. Create a space where people can network and make new friends.

7. Play more.

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